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Aenaos-Kamaridis Globalwire: Implementation of 1mW Photovoltaic Net Metering

Aenaos-Kamaridis Globalwire: Implementation of 1mW Photovoltaic Net Metering
07 Oct 2021

AENAOS: Construction of 1 MW Photovoltaic Net Metering in KAMARIDIS GLOBALWIRE

AENAOS Energy Systems has completed the licensing, study and construction of another 1 MW Net Metering photovoltaic station, at one of the country's leading exporters. The Photovoltaic power generation station with a total power of 1MW was installed at the headquarters of the KAMARIDIS GLOBALWIRE company, at the 7th kilometer of the Old National Road (P.E.O.) of Thebes-Athens, and was connected to the network as part of the Net Metering program.

The estimated efficiency of the Photovoltaic Station amounts to 1,450,000 kwh/year, which will remove approximately 1,580 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). The investment interest of the country's large companies has turned to Net Metering as its dual role, reducing huge energy costs and protecting the environment, makes it a necessary condition for the country's energy transition and sustainable development. It is worth noting that with current electricity prices, the return on investment breaks all records.

AENAOS Energy Systems continuously continues its development course and supports all companies that declare themselves present in the energy change and the protection of the environment. The project further strengthens the important position held by the company in the field of study, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic plants nationwide

We especially thank the company KAMARIDIS GLOBALWIRE for its trust and its social responsibility.


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