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Aenaos - Kolios S.A. : Implementation of Photovoltaic Net Metering 1 mW

Aenaos - Kolios S.A. : Implementation of Photovoltaic Net Metering 1 mW
01 Apr 2023

The energy crisis plagues the entire Western civilization and threatens the entire global economy. The forecasts of all the experts leave no room for theories about an immediate de-escalation of prices, which causes strong concern in the business world of the whole of Europe, but especially of our country. The government has subsidized business electricity bills, a move that gives consumers a temporary respite but is not a fiscally sustainable policy.

Greek Industries are looking for long-term solutions, considering Net-Metering as the main weapon they have in their quiver to get out of the energy crisis. In the last period of time, even the Ministers of the government themselves prefer it as the most effective option and are available to make immediate moves where they will solve all the problems that exist (lack of funds, exclusive electric space, etc.).

The Net-Metering solution was also chosen by the well-known KOLIOS milk industry, choosing AENAOS Energy Systems as the contractor for the licensing, study and construction of the project. The Ministerial Decision to extend the limits from 1 MW to 3 MW gives the possibility to expand the cooperation between the two as KOLIOS shows the willingness to continue investing in Renewable Energy Sources, continuously reducing its energy footprint. The netting of energy resulting from the electricity produced by the photovoltaic plant with the electricity consumed by the company automatically gives a competitive advantage to any company that chooses to invest in Net-Metering as in many cases it can even reduce costs to almost zero.


We especially thank the company KOLIOS S.A. Hellenic Dairy Industry for its trust and social responsibility.


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