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Aenaos-Soulis: Implementation of Photovoltaic Net Metering 1mW

Aenaos-Soulis: Implementation of Photovoltaic Net Metering 1mW
14 Sep 2021

A collaboration that puts SOULIS S.A. on the rails of the green transition.

As part of the Self-Generation-NET METERING program, the construction of the photovoltaic system with a total power of 1MW is completed, at the facilities of SOULIS S.A. in Skydra. The estimated performance amounts to 1,350,000 kwh/year which will remove approximately 1,465 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). More and more energy-intensive industries are choosing to invest in NET-METERING as the cost of electricity is constantly rising and the shift to Renewable Energy Sources is the only way for sustainable development.

AENAOS Energy Systems continuously continues its development course and supports all companies that declare themselves present in the energy change and environmental protection. "We especially thank the internationally renowned company SOULIS S.A. for their trust and social responsibility," the company says.


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