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AENAOS ENERGY SYSTEMS IKE attaches great importance to the lawful processing, security and protection of the personal data of its interlocutors (such as, for example, as prospective or active Customers, Suppliers, Individuals, Employees, Partners, website visitors or generally third parties cooperating with the company us). 
Please read carefully these terms and the relevant Privacy and Security Policy of our company. By using our websites and signing the relevant declaration of consent referred to in the offer you receive or in any other form, you unconditionally accept the practices described herein and the terms of which shall henceforth govern the relationship between us and are included in the terms of use of of each of our services.

  • Analysis of the concept of "personal data" 

Personal data is any information, on paper or electronic media, which can lead, either directly or in combination with other data, to your unique identification / identification or to your identification as a natural person. This category includes, as the case may be, information such as Name, Tax ID, Tax Identification Number, Personal Identification Number, your physical & electronic addresses (e-mails), your landline and mobile phone numbers, SMS/MMS message recipient details, bank details /debit/prepaid cards, identifiers of your equipment or terminal devices - computer - smartphone - tablet, history of your online searches (log files, cookies, etc.), and any other information that allows your unique identification according to the provisions of the General Protection Regulation of Personal Data (GDPR 2016/679), the current Greek legislation and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority (PDPA). 


  • Personal data used by AENAOS ENERGY SYSTEMS IKE. 

The data that our company collects and processes, protects them and in no case deviates from the Legislative & Regulatory framework for the collection of data from other Customers, Partners, Services, in the context of promotional actions, advertising, but also in the context of communication / support / your information as well as in any other activity of our company.

  • Management and Processing of Data with your express consent AENAOS ENERGY SYSTEMS IKE will use your information, in the context of the Cooperation between us or if you have given us your explicit and specific consent, per service for the following processing purposes, (which you can freely revoke at any time), as stated below :

 • In order to write the necessary reports, project proposals, he must manage the data and information you have provided him. 
 • For the support and information of the collaborators/dealers regarding the services and projects of the company and for answers to requests and questions that arise as well as information and response to suggestions and comments regarding the improvement of the services it provides. 
• For reasons of "internal" assurance of the quality of its services 
• To analyze website traffic and improve your experience as well as to provide information about similar services from other companies operating in our industry. 
• For internal operations and analysis such as internal management, fraud prevention, use of management, invoicing, accounting, billing and control information systems. It is possible at any time to modify your preferences by informing us in order to unsubscribe. 

  • What are the ways of collecting your personal data AENAOS ENERGY SYSTEMS IKE collects personal data, with your consent and acceptance of the terms of use of each of our services, in the following cases: 

• during phone calls to the company, when sending an email or completing a request for information - service offer. 
• during the implementation of projects and their maintenance. 
• when sending documents to the postal address of the company, invoices or receipts for the provision of services as well as when delivering documents (eg invoices, material guarantees, etc.). 
• during the voluntary registration in printed or electronic catalogs and from which it is possible to receive printed, electronic or SMS informative material or other marketing material or during the renewal of these preferences. 
• during a visit to the company's website, where the necessary information is collected, through cookies, from the device from which the visit is made and your browser. 

  • What are the collection and processing principles 

This Personal Data Protection Policy aims to inform the parties that cooperate/deal with our company about the conditions of collection, processing and transmission of the personal data that may be collected for processing by the Managers. The company has trained staff who apply the ten Processing Principles of GDPR 2016/679 (legality, objectivity, transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, storage time limitation, integrity, confidentiality and accountability). The Company protects and ensures the eight Rights of its collaborators/dealers with regard to the use of Personal Data (update, access, correction, deletion, limitation of processing, portability, opposition and non-automated decision-making based on profiles, as specified in the GDPR and Greek legislation). The above apply without any discrimination and are applied to all processing carried out and to all services provided by the company. 

  • Minimizing, storing and deleting your data. 

The company always requests the minimum personal data required by law in order to implement the Services provided and in order to achieve the best possible service. The Company keeps the personal data, only for as long as is required by the contractual conditions of each service, in combination with the relevant telecommunications, tax and other legislation and Regulatory framework, based on the purpose of each processing while it then anonymizes or destroys them. You can at any time ask us and be informed about the type of personal data we collect about you and correct or delete it, unless its retention is required by law for tax, evidentiary or judicial purposes and for the prosecution of illegal acts 

  • What are the ways of collecting your personal data 

The Company collects personal data with the consent of collaborators/traders and the acceptance of terms of use of each service, in the following cases: 

  •  during phone calls to the company, when sending an email or completing a request for information - service offer. 
  •  during project implementation. 
  •  when sending documents to the postal address of the company, sending invoices or receipts for the provision of services as well as when delivering documents (eg invoices, guarantees, etc.). 
  •  during the voluntary registration in printed or electronic catalogs and from which it is possible to receive printed, electronic or SMS informative material or other marketing material or during the renewal of these preferences. 
  •  during a visit to the company's website, where the necessary information is collected, through cookies, from the device from which the visit is made and your browser. 


  • Cookies Policy 

In compliance with the relevant European E-Privacy Directive 2009/136/ΣΕ (which will soon be replaced by a Regulation) the company's websites (, ) use "cookies". Cookies are defined as online "tools" for collecting and analyzing information from partner websites of third parties or from social networking platforms, in order to measure traffic, improve the operation, content and overall appearance of the company's websites and adapt to needs of its Customers. Anyone who visits and uses the company's websites agrees (opt-in) with the processing of their personal data collected by search engines or social networks, such as e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook social plug-ins, Google+ etc. (in which there is no involvement, influence or control on the part of the company) and which are transmitted either inside or outside the European Economic Area (28 EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), for which such third parties are solely responsible. If you do not wish third parties, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to receive information from your browser, when you visit the company's website, it is possible to request and receive an exception, making the corresponding choice as provided by the respective Usage Policy contained on the website of any such third party. Usually most browsers automatically accept the use of cookies, however, it is possible to change the settings on your computer, choosing not to accept cookies, or asking you to accept each of them separately. By doing this, you should be aware that doing so will limit the range of browsing options available to you on each website. 

  • Transmission of your data to third parties 

As a rule, the company does not transmit personal data to third parties except when clearly required by the Legislation/Regulatory framework or when it operates as an "intermediary" and to the extent that this is required to complete a service and fulfill requests related to the services. The third parties may be official Supervisory / State Bodies (e.g. DEDDIE, TaxisNet etc.) which call on the company to comply with the legislation / regulations for design/construction companies of the type it prepares. . In addition, in cases of prevention at the expense of the company as well as at the expense of its Customers, illegal actions (e.g. fraud, insult, insult to personality, etc.). The Company has selected reliable Partners and tries to set contractual restrictions on third parties who may receive the personal data of collaborators/traders, in order to ensure as far as possible that they use it in accordance with this Policy and the applicable European and international protection laws data. In order to carry out the processing of the personal data of collaborators/traders, there is the possibility that the information may need to be transferred to other countries, including countries primarily within and exceptionally outside the European Economic Area (EEA) based on EU adequacy decisions, corporate binding rules, standardized contracts and approved codes of conduct. 

  • Security of your personal data 

In any case, appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken to ensure that personal information is transferred, stored and processed in accordance with appropriate security standards and procedures and in accordance with the terms of this Policy and applicable data protection laws. The Company has trained and responsible Staff while recognizing the importance of protecting your privacy and all your personal information. For this purpose, it has appropriate security policies and uses appropriate technical and operational tools, and we comply with international security and business continuity standards. As long as there is a partner, who has access to the above information, he uses it to exclusively serve the above purposes. It shares the information it possesses exclusively in the ways described in this Policy and in accordance with the express and specific consent of the partner/dealer by type of processing, which you can freely revoke at any time by contacting us. 

  • Display of targeted advertisements 

The company may use the personal data of the collaborators/dealers together with other information collected (basic contact information such as Name / Telephone / Address / email), after human intervention by the Commercial Department or other Executives, in order to carry out, for the best information / information, relevant Marketing promotions (emails, informative Newsletters, etc.). The company does not use automated tools to identify and evaluate the consumer profile of partners/dealers and their general preferences, with other personal information (such as email address) to display advertisements or send personalized offers. In addition, it does not share personal information with third parties, so that they have the possibility to send corresponding advertisements. If you wish to stop sending updates or offers, you can use the unsubscribe link at the end of the email sent by the operator.

  • Collection of Email Addresses 

The Company prohibits the use of its website or its services for the transmission of bulk or unsolicited commercial e-mail messages (spam). Furthermore, it prohibits the sending of messages from and to partners/dealers, which use or contain invalid or falsified headings, invalid or non-existent domain names, techniques to hide the origin of each message, false or misleading information or violate website terms of use. The company does not allow the collection of e-mail addresses or general information of collaborators/dealers, through its website or its services. In addition, it does not allow or authorize any attempt to use its services in a way that could damage, disable, burden any part of its services or interfere with anyone who wishes to use its services. 

  • Links to Third Party Websites 

The websites of our company may contain links that lead to other websites of third parties, independent entities, such as indicatively, companies providing services, legislation, user issues, constructions, which operate exclusively by them, and for which we are not responsible for any of their policies or content changed on the specific websites. 

  • Communication Department 

AENAOS ENERGY SYSTEMS IKE If you have any questions or comments regarding this security and privacy policy, or if you have anything to say or ask, please do not hesitate to email us at: 

  • Duration of the Personal Data Protection and Security Policy 

This Policy was issued and posted by the certification body on 8/5/2023. Any revisions to this Policy will be posted and updated. The use of the website after the publication of changes implies your acceptance of these changes.