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Hybrid Autonomy System | Power Reserve [4.98 kW]

Hybrid Autonomy System | Power Reserve [4.98 kW]

The specific system was installed in the region of N. Erythraia, in a house electrified by PPC, with the aim of partial autonomy of the residence during the winter period and full autonomy during the summer period. Another important purpose is its operation as a hybrid UPS backup system due to the fact that in this particular area there are continuous power outages and often with duration due to snowfall, tree falls, etc. and large fluctuations in voltage, resulting in significant problems in operation of the household appliances and by extension the stay of the owners in the area. The system has the ability to receive energy from PPC and from a power generating pair (H/Z) to cover cases of increased energy demand and cases of reduced energy production due to prolonged cloudiness mainly during the winter season. Two already installed vertical axis wind turbines with a total power of 1500W were attached to the system.

The system consists of:


The specific system is able to cover for the months of March to October and for 7 days a week the following loads:

LED Lamps 10 W 6,0 7,0 50 W 300,0 Wh
LED Lamps 10 W 6,0 7,0 50 W 300,0 Wh
Fridge 100 W 10,0 7,0 700 W 2000,0 Wh
1 Small Devices 1000 W 1,0 7,0 1000 W 1000,0 Wh
PC 250 W 6,0 7,0 250 W 1500,0 Wh
TV LED 110 W 2,0 7,0 330 W 660,0 Wh
Other devices 500 W 1,0 7,0 500 W 500,0 Wh
AC 1200 W 3,5 7,0 1200 W 4200,0 Wh
1 Inverter self-consumption 35 W 24.0 7,0 35 W 840,0 Wh
TOTAL         4115 W 11300,0 Wh

In total, your average energy needs are calculated at 11.3 kWh/day. For the remaining months (November to February) the autonomy is limited to approximately 6.5 – 8 Kwh / day.

**On sunny summer days during the day and as long as our batteries are fully charged, we can make additional use of the above to utilize the excess energy produced.

The specific system is capable of meeting, by estimation, average energy needs of up to 6.50 KWh per day without the use of H/Z or PPC. The average daily energy produced by PV Panels is estimated from 6.72 KWh (Winter) to 26.47 KWh (Summer). The stored energy in our battery array is 31.44 KWh. (80% DOD, C20). The average energy needs of the residence were calculated at 11.3 kWh/day. The average winter autonomy of the system is calculated at 2.78 days with an average annual load loss rate of < 28%. (Specifically, the inability to meet the energy demand is focused on the months of November to February, when there may be days when the system will not be able to cope with the above needs, due to little sunshine and prolonged cloudiness. In this case, the system is scheduled to connect automatically with the PPC network to supply the loads and charge the batteries at the same time or it will automatically start the generator (H/Z) through the appropriate chargers in the event of a power cut from the PPC. Once the batteries are charged the system it will automatically return to autonomy mode.