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Trust the well-established experience of AENAOS and invest on solar energy through the program of Net Metering!

Net Metering is the netting of the produced energy by the PV system with the consumed energy of the producer.

It offers importan economical benefit since it can reduce the total electricity bil up to 65%. It is considdered an ideal investment for companies with high electricity consumption, with a  depreciation timeline

that can reach 3.5 years.

A Net Metering system can be installed either on home or professional facilities provided that there is  an active power supply. Moreover, the PV system can be installed both on a building and on ground in the region of the consumption.

The energy netting is performed on each clearing bill by the supplier, with a final clearance on the last clearing bill of the 3-year cycle. This means that any surplus is transfered to the next bill until that 3-year period. 

After those 3 years any surplus is not refunded and the process repeats itself every 3 years until the contract is broken.

On every active power supply there can be one PV system the power if which depends on:

  1. The agreed power supply power
  2. Yearly consumption
  3. The available area for installation

You can see here our indicative works

Investment on Net Metering

The benefits of Net Metering are fully utilized when the consumer/company sees it as an important mid/long term investment.

It has numerous advantages and offers immediate depreciation for the percon concerned, while it protects the environment, blocking the releasing of vast amounts of greenhouse gases. 

At this point, choosing the right technical partner is crucial!

Utilizing our great experience on the sector and having installed system all over Greece, AENAOS Energy Systems can guarantee on all the steps of the process:

  • Sending the application to HEDNO.
  • Investigation for grant opportunities.
  • Pre-Study of installation. 
  • Supply of Reliable Equipment for an Complete Photovoltaic System
  • PV System Installation
  • Maintenance and support of PV system
  • Additional services such as insurance and O&M contract. 

AENAOS & Net Metering

AENAOS Energy Systems, having more than 20 years exclusive application in the renewable energy sources and being equipped with all the modern machinery and te necessary know-how, can ensure a solid result in your photovoltaic investment!

You can see  here our indicative packages!