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Operation and maintenance

During their lifetime, photovoltaic panels suffer serious damage, which can result in partial or even total power output. For example, a single panel can seriously reduce the total electricity production of the installation. That is why it is important to check and measure the performance of photovoltaic panels, to identify problems and solve them in time, with the aim of increasing energy production and consequently income. Even when there is a warranty on the photovoltaic panels, the performance should be checked as this is the only way to utilize it.

The possible problems that photovoltaic panels can present are:
  • Broken cells
  • Cell detachment from the protective membrane
  • Electrochemical corrosion – oxidation
  • Earthing and insulation faults
  • Local scintillations
  • Damaged terminals
  • Damaged diodes
  • Fissures - fractures
  • Gradual reduction in performance due to the PID effect
What AENAOS can do:

Our company can check the performance of photovoltaic panels by thermometry, comparing the current performance with the original performance produced by the panels. Then a complete control of the photovoltaic installation is carried out. After the inspection, the technical report is delivered to you, which describes all the work carried out, the problems found (if found) with all the possible solutions to solve them. All measurements are made with certified instruments.

But why go through this process?

Because it is obviously advantageous as the money is repaid in a very short period of time, in addition the owner regains the guarantees of the photovoltaic panels where he did not have them in previous years and finally he can sell the old photovoltaic panels and be doubly profitable. AENAOS also undertakes the annual control-maintenance of the photovoltaic installations and can repair-solve any problem that arises. All of the above can be carried out both in residential photovoltaic systems and in photovoltaic parks throughout Greece.

For more information, please contact us at tel. 210 275 6802, or in the or via the contact form below