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PID Phenomenon (Potential-Induced Degradation)

This is a reduction in the efficiency of photovoltaic panels, due to the potential (voltage) difference. In a grid-tiephotovoltaic system, the panels are connected in series one after the other, creating strings. The total voltage of a string can be close to 1000 V. So this is the high voltage that can lead to the PID effect.

Due to the high voltage, leakage currents are created from the solar cell to the aluminum frame, through the glass and the encapsulation materials of the cell. The result is that the power of the photovoltaic panel is reduced and therefore it has significantly lower productivity. 

This results in a reduction in system power of up to 35-40%, which automatically equates to a reduction in revenue. 

PID effect detection

The PID effect is detected in a photovoltaic system using the thermal camera. Through thermal imaging on an average typical sunny day we can have shots that capture the degree of loss of our system due to the PID effect.

There is also the method of I-V measurements in cases where we do not have enough sunshine. The measurement process takes place as follows: There is a temporary interruption in the system, ie we turn the inverter off and perform measurements on each panel separately from - to + to measure its power.

Treatment against PID

If you believe that your photovoltaic system may have been infected by PID, you can use the AENAOS solution to completely deal with the phenomenon, thus ensuring the maximum possible efficiency of your photovoltaic station.

By installing ZEALWE devices, the pid effect is addressed, your production is maximized and your system is shielded from future losses.

In AENAOS Energy Systems we are able to offer our services regarding the (overview-diagnosis-study) of your PV park and to inform you about the correct operation of the PV panels regarding the PID phenomenon having the devices for the elimination of the phenomenon.

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