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Over time there is a normal decrease in the efficiency of photovoltaic panels which is estimated to be about 1% / year. Usually the actual performance is even higher due to damage to some panels from various causes such as the P.I.D effect, microcracks due to adverse weather conditions etc.

So the question arises: what is the best time to replace the panels of a PV park?

Obviously the answer depends on many parameters, such as the guaranteed selling price of energy, the type of PV park as well as the percentage reduction of power efficiency, etc.

What are the motivations for replacing the panels?

  1.  Increase of power efficiency.
  2.  New panel construction with longer life and warranty.
  3.  New guarantee of panels, as in the past there was no guarantee and problems arise in new losses.
  4.  Depreciation is around 3 years.
  5. Smaller maintenance costs with less damage.
  6. Sale of old used panels to us.
  7. Smaller exposure to wind pressure on the trackers since modern panels have almost twice the area. Possible reduction of trackers required!
  8. The costs of Expenses for the replacement of photovoltaic panels are taxable deductible. 

Contact us immediately, so that we can give you an offer to replace your panels, as their selling price increases daily.