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Self-production (Net-Metering) Residential buildings and Subsidy

Trust the proven experience of AENAOS and invest in solar energy through the self-production program (Net metering).

Through net metering you can produce your own energy, which will be offset against energy consumption, resulting in a significant reduction in electricity costs!

It offers a significant economic benefit as it can reduce the total electricity bill by up to 85%. It is an ideal investment for businesses with high consumption, with a payback period of up to 3.5 years.

A Net Metering system can be installed either in a home or in a business with the only condition being the existence of an active power supply.

The PV system can be installed on a building or on the ground (on an adjacent plot) in the area of the consumption supply.

The energy netting is carried out on each settlement bill issued by the supplier, with final settlement on the last settlement bill of a three-year cycle, this means that any excess energy on any settlement bill is carried over to the next up to a period of 3 years.

After the three-year period, any excess energy is not compensated (the process is repeated every three years until the termination of the netting contract).

See here some indicative self-produced projects in residential buildings!


AENAOS, having over 20 years of exclusive involvement in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and being equipped with all the modern

machines, special equipment but also the necessary know-how can ensure a reliable result in your photovoltaic investment, it can offer:

  • Free pre-study, to diagnose your own, special needs.
  • Particularly competitive prices, without discounting the quality of the materials and services offered.
  • Important additional services at no extra cost, such as free insurance of the PV plant for 1 year and free operation and maintenance of the PV plant for 1 year.
  • Possibility of payment in installments from €30/month.
Subsidized "photovoltaics on the roof" program

The "Photovoltaics on the Roof" program, which was announced by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, makes it possible to subsidize residential photovoltaic systems with the application of energy offset.

More specifically, photovoltaic plants with an installed system power of up to 10.8kW combined with a battery, whose capacity must be greater than or equal to the value of the power of the photovoltaic system, are subsidized.

There are three categories of program beneficiaries. A' includes vulnerable households that have a social tariff, B' category natural persons with an individual income of up to 20,000 euros or a family income of up to 40,000 euros and C' concerns natural persons with an individual income of more than 20,000 euros or a family income of more than 40,000 euros. Therefore, it is possible to join the subsidy program regardless of the financial situation of the person concerned, as long as all the conditions set by the Ministry of Environment and Energy are met.

Basic conditions for participating in the program:

  • The interested party must have concluded a Connection Agreement with HEDNO.
  • The installation of the photovoltaic system must be compulsorily combined with a storage system.
  • The residence must be the applicant's primary or secondary (owned, leased or let).
  • The electricity supply should be active, domestic (and not shared), through which the applicant's residence will be identified.
  • The interested party must have a Tax Registry Number, as well as valid access codes to AADE's online services, through which they can be identified. Also, he should have submitted an income tax return (E1) in the tax year 2021, either as an OBLIGATOR of an individual or joint return, or indirectly as a "SPOUSE/SPO" in the case of a joint return. The related statement should have been cleared. 

Important information about the program

  • The storage system has at least an installed capacity equal to the installed production capacity of the photovoltaic plant for one hour.
  • If expenses exceed the maximum grant amounts, the excess expense will be covered by a co-payment.
  • In the event that the applicant falls into a category of persons with disabilities (PWD) to a degree of at least 67%, or in a single-parent family or in a family with many children, the above percentages and the maximum grant amounts of each category are increased by 10%, regardless of whether he falls into one or more of these categories. In any case, the grant rates cannot exceed 100%.
  • Each Natural Person may submit a single application concerning a single residence.
  • Depending on the category of the beneficiary, the maximum subsidy rates differ for the photovoltaic system and the battery (Table 1.).

In addition, maximum subsidy amounts have been set for the PV system and the battery, which are listed in Table 1.
Table 1. Maximum PV and battery grant amounts



Beneficiaries Maximum PV Station Subsidy Amount (€/kWh)

Beneficiaries Maximum Battery  Subsidy Amount (€/kWh)

Power <= 5kWh

5kWh < Power <= 10,8kWh

Capacity <= 5kWh

5kWh < capacity <= 10,8kWh


Household facilities (Vulnerable Households))




Maximum grant rate 65%

3,3 kW  → 3960€

4,95 kW → 5940€




Maximum grant rate 60%

7,7 kW → 6391€

9,9 kW → 8217€


Maximum grant rate 100%

5kWh → 4450€



Maximum grant rate 100%

10kWh → 8200€


B Domestic installations (Individual Income <= €20,000 or Family Income <= €40,000) €650/kWh



Maximum grant rate 35%

3,3 kW  → 2145€

4,95 kW → 3217,5€



Maximum grant rate 25%

7,7 kW → 2695€

9,9 kW → 3465€



Maximum grant rate 100%

5kWh → 4450€



Maximum grant rate 100%

10kWh → 8200€


Household facilities (Individual Income > €20,000 or Family Income > €40,000) €560/kWh




Maximum grant rate 30%

3,3 kW  → 1848€

4,95 kW → 2772€




Maximum grant rate 20%

7,7 kW → 2156€

9,9 kW → 2772€



Maximum grant rate 90%

5kWh → 4000€



Maximum grant rate 90%

10kWh → 7500€



  • Analysis of electricity bills and calculation of energy needs.
  • Send an indicative offer.
  • On-site inspection of the PV plant by qualified personnel to determine the available space for the installation of the plant.
  • Designing the optimal location to cover the energy needs and to achieve the maximum possible performance of the system.
  • Licensing procedure for the submission and approval of the energy offset request to HEDNO.
  • Signed connection agreement with HEDNO
  • Photovoltaic system installation
  • Activation request to HEDNO
  • Connecting a photovoltaic system to the grid - activating a photovoltaic system
  • 1 year operation and maintenance
  • If you need financing, contact us for further details.

Examples of indicative offers:

  • Photovoltaic system 3.3kW with 5 kWh battery
  • Roof cost: €11,224 (with VAT)
  • Rooftop cost: €11,386 (with VAT)
  • Required roof area: 19.8 m2
  • Required roof area: 18.15 m2
  • Number of frames: 6
  • Total maximum subsidized amount in category A: €8410


  • Photovoltaic system 4.95kW with 5 kWh battery
  • Roof cost: €12852 (with VAT)
  • Rooftop cost: €13,110 (with VAT)
  • Required roof area: 29.7 m2
  • Required roof area: 27.26 m2
  • Number of frames: 9
  • Total maximum subsidized amount in category A: €10390


  • Photovoltaic system 9.9kW with 10 kWh battery
  • Roof cost: €20097 (with VAT)
  • Rooftop cost: €20,612 (with VAT)
  • Required roof area: 59.4 m2
  • Required roof area: 54.45 m2
  • Number of frames: 18
  • Total maximum subsidized amount in category A: €16417


  • 7.7kW photovoltaic system with 10 kWh battery
  • Roof cost: €18360 (with VAT)
  • Cost on the roof: €18761 (with VAT)
  • Required roof area: 46.2 m2
  • Required roof area: 42.35 m2
  • Number of frames: 14
  • Total maximum subsidized amount in category A: €14591

The indicative offer includes:

  • Design, implementation study and energy optimization of the project
  • Licensing Procedure - HEDNO
  • Solar panels
  • Power converter with integrated telemetry system
  • Battery and power meter
  • Mounts
  • AC power wiring, DC wiring based on specifications and taking into account the necessary cross-section calculations to reduce losses, piping, micro-materials and their supports.
  • Lightning protection-insurance.
  • Supply and installation of an electronic recording meter to measure the energy produced by the photovoltaic system
  • Supply of all necessary materials for the implementation of the project (e.g. decoupling agent, junction box), their transport as well as their lifting if required.
  • Installation Works (installation of photovoltaic panels and electrical installations)
  • Network interface.
  • 1 year operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic plant.
For more information, please contact us at tel. 210 275 6802, or in the or via the contact form below