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AENAOS - Energy Systems is a company dealing exclusively with renewable energy sources.

The latest technology machinery, the specialized equipment as well as the experience on the field and expertise ensure a high-quality services and a reliable result. In particular, the installation of photovoltaic plants, hybrid and off-grid systems are the fields that the company specializes since 1998 and always alongside the latest technologies available. It has in its resume high MW projects facilitating photovoltaic plants, Aeolic turbine parks and hybrid systems

The company specializes in the installation of photovoltaic plants, hybrid and off-grid systems. Numerous projects of several MW have been performed since 1998. 

AENAOS has acquired a team of managers, engineers, and staff, able to adapt to our customers’ needs. The company has also ensured collaboration with partners across Greece.

Our vision is to maximize the utilization of the Renewable Energy Sources for human and Nature.

Our vision is to spread the idea of renewable energy sources.

The company offers integrated solutions in designing, manufacturing, installing and offering maintenance services in:

  • Photovoltaic systems for residence or industrial purposes
  • Outdoor photovoltaic systems
  • Off Grid systems
  • Small aeolian power plants (up to 60kW)  (up to 60kW)
  • Back-up energy systems  
  • Industrial accumulators
  • Wind farms (MW)
  • Hydroelectric Systems 
  • Solar energy heating systems 

High-quality services, technical support, and reliable equipment is our objective and obligation for a long term cooperation.

Our company is active throughout Greece, with three facilities in Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion Crete, while it has developed a collaborators’ network with the ability to respond in any area, at any time, and any challenge. It is also active abroad, in African countries, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Presentation of AENAOS

AENAOS Energy Systems is certiied for its Quality Mangement System (QMS) according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Its implemented as the worlds leading quality management standard. The company is also certified with the European Label  Chamber Trust.

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Email: energy@aenaos-systems.gr

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