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An off-grid pv system or off-grid hybrid system is the system that supplies electricity to a home or cottage only through solar energy, regardless the existence of a grid network.

There are plenty applications where an off grid or hybrid system could be installed and supply unceasingly power for every use (e.g. chapels, water pumping, stock breeder applications, boats, trailers, villa trailers, bus stations, piers etc.

Consequently, no more bills, fixed costs, transportation costs of grid lines (meter of P.P.C.), etc, exist but are replaced by free of charge solar power or other type of RES.

The off-grid system looks like a backup system, but it is of a larger power scale and installed in permanent mounting systems.

An off-grid system is similar to a back up system in general but is more commonly installed to steady ground and has a larger size.

Watch a relevant video of an Autonomous Photovoltaic System

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