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High quality level is provided to every application from initial design to interface.

AENAOS Energy Systems, can provide high-quality level to every application, from initial design to interface, due to the fact that interface of plenty solar parks, photovoltaic rooftops, high power wind turbines etc, have been implemented. Both our perfectly trained staff and our longtime experience vouch for excellent results which meet all special needs and specificities of eachinvestment.

We have been prevailed as the most reliable solution at renewable energy sources domain due to dynamic development at past years. AENAOS Energy Systems not only offers integrated solutions but also pioneers in after sales policy as well, since, mostly about photovoltaic parks, offers operation and maintenance so that safety and longevity will be assured for all photovoltaic parks which are under her authority.

Photovoltaic parks and renewable energy sources dissemination in general, has been a great challenge for AENAOS Energy Systems since its foundation until nowadays, not only for the local market in Crete but also for the rest Greece as well. Due to the combination of continuous developing association network and the establishment of a branch office in Athens, we rise to this challenge daily.

AENAOS Energy Systems is dedicated to environmentally friendly and pure forms of energy, will continue design, manufacture and maintain photovoltaic parks, photovoltaic rooftops and off-grid systems given that people always support and trust its provided services.

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